I founded Vankouver.ca to bring to the Vancouverites some genuine empowering practices based on my 15 years of self development.  

Yoga has become a life style for me after I left my comfortable life in France to travel the world for 365 days with my partner Aurélie. Our journey started in 2016 in two very small ashrams where we stayed in India and practiced yoga daily.
This path leaded me in different countries like in Bali (Indonesia) where I met with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar  (Art of Living Foundation).  

Since 2017 I took more than 300 hours of workshop classes to deepen my own daily practices. In India, New-Zealand, the USA and in Canada, I learned from the experience of unique and inspiring teachers. I spent time in several Ashrams and I explored different technics and approaches to strengthen the breath, the body and the mind as to relax it. 
Since beginning of 2020, I am still deepening my own practice and my teaching under the guidance of the yogi master Krishan Verma (Shudham School, East Coast Canada). His classes are available in English, Italian and Mandarin because of his large community of followers in Asia and Europe as in North America.  

Back in France, I practiced the Japan art of Seitai during 4 years with Jean Benayoun (Spain, France) and the discipline of Taekwondo Martial Art in the Phomphakdy Family school during 4 years as well. I followed also the teaching of Wu-Chi Qi Gong with Man Yan Hor, a Chinese Taï-Chi Master well established in France.

I was also the student of Gaëlle Ecoiffier, vocalist and therapist, with whom I healed eczema, asthma and stress related disorders coming from childhood trauma, through emotional psychoanalysis. 

I am developing my own yoga teaching style including some music and specific aspects of the other self development technics I truly believe in, guiding my students toward their own holistic development and awareness.  

“To achieve anything in life, you need Joy coming out of Passion, Commitment coming out of Ethics, Discipline coming out of Art”.

Thomas Toussaint Saupique, Yoga & Meditation Teacher 


Bring Vancouverites to care  for themselves through a daily gentle practice of yoga and more…!  


Beyond yoga, Vankouver.ca is aiming at transforming local berries in delicious pastries and compost into worm casting !