Move & meditate!

To release the stress and focus the mind let’s shake the body!

I designed this course out of my different teaching experiences to improve focus, sleeping and smiling capacity! Will play high pace music to bring fun and motion in the joints and soothing music to relax the mind and the body during each class. Expect some gentle cardio training, stretching, breathing technics and meditation.

  • Warm-up (running, dancing, shaking …)
  • Asanas (different yoga postures)
  • Pranayamas (Breathing Practices) 
  • Yoga Nidra (lying meditation)

When & How

Morning Class (outodoor)

Fridays 8 am to 9 am, weather permitting 

Evening class (indoor)

Wednesdays 6 pm to 7 pm

Community class welcoming anyone! 

Please come with your own yoga mat + all what you need for your own comfort like a water bottle!


Morning Class @ Jericho Beach (meeting @ Jericho Beach Hi Hostels) 

The class is happening on the lawn, with ocean view! 

Evening Class @ St James Hall (Room 120)
Direct access from the laneway.  

This room is large, clean and have a nice vibe. Day light is coming in. Comfortable space for everyone to  breathe and move on his yoga mat. Changing in the gender bathrooms. 


St James Community Square

3214W 10th Ave, Vancouver


If you have more questions, please get in touch!

Due to Covid indoor regulations in place in BC, a proof of two vaccinations is required to participate. Either your paper vaccin card or a QR code.

If you need to get your QR code / digital BC Vaccin Card, here is the official website to do it and it’s super easy.

You don’t have to wear a mask during the yoga practice but only when you move within the facility. 

We will keep appropriate distances between each participant and yoga mat. 

Anyone from any age above 12 can join Yoga 101. Kids request special attention and practices. If there is some specific demand for kids’ class we will open one!

If you have any doubt, just ask your physician if you can practice yoga. Note that in Yoga 101, every student can  practice at his/her own pace. Every student will do the same but everyone will decide how long he/she can hold the pose and repeat it. The core attitude toward the practice is to be caring for ourself.  

There is no prerequisite to attend Yoga 101. It’s an all level class that anyone can fallow at his/her own pace. It’s beginner and experienced yoga practionners friendly. 

 You can join Yoga 101 class any time during the year. You can drop in for one or a few classes when you feel so. You can come alone or accompanied.
You can drop-in and pay your session in cash or pay in advance by e-transfer. 
Note that everyone have to fill in a registration form anyway. 

We will use the influence of different styles of yoga. Hatha yoga focuses more on the asanas (yoga postures). Vinyasa gives more attention to the motion from one posture to another, creating a “flow” or even like a “dance” some say. Ashtanga synchronises breath with movements which is part of a more advance practice we will aim to achieve as well.